Headshot of Guy Reiner

Guy Reiner


Guy Reiner is a co-founder, Vice President of Research and Development and GM of the Tel-Aviv Branch at Aidoc. Guy has extensive experience in high performance computing, mathematical and algorithmic research, software research and development. Since co-founding Aidoc, he has led the process of regulatory approval (CE and FDA) of Aidoc’s product lines and has established a team of world-class AI developers who are now able to release abnormality detection solutions for new pathologies every three months. Guy began his career in the elite Israeli Defense Force technology program “Talpiot”. Prior to Aidoc, he led various algorithmic and software research projects in the Israeli unit 8200 – the IDF’s leading cybersecurity unit. Guy holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from The Hebrew University and an M.Sc. in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University, both with the highest honors.