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Ram Sctolz headshot
Head of AI Data Development

Ram Shtoltz

Personally, I love being a part of a company that delivers such impactful and immediate, life-saving value to a countless number of patients. When a customer shares with me a “wow moment” he experienced with our product – it’s truly priceless.

Gil Bartsion headshot
Engineering Director, Edge Group Leader

Gil Bartsion

I always wanted to use technology to create a positive impact on the world. At Aidoc, surrounded by amazing people, it’s the perfect place to get my ideas out there and improve peoples’ lives.

Lynne Hurwitz headshot
Software Engineer

Lynne Hurwitz

Aidoc is the perfect combination of tackling a huge challenge, among extraordinary people, for a truly great cause. Everything we do eventually comes down to saving lives, and that’s an indescribable feeling.

Inbar Gabe headshot
DevOps Product Manager

Inbar Gabe

When the product you’re working on literally helps save lives – it doesn’t feel like work – it feels like true purpose. To be able to contribute to such a meaningful solution really does make me feel like a superhero every day!

Amitai Mendelbaum headshot
Director, Customer Success - EMEA & APAC

Amitai Mandelbaum

To provide meaningful insights for radiologists and be given the opportunity to have a real impact on patients’ lives, daily, is beyond priceless. I still get goosebumps when a customer shares how we were able to help them make life-changing decisions for a patient.

Lihi Manket headshot
Data Specialist

Lihi Manket

Working at Aidoc has inspired me to break through my limitations. A company with a great purpose and tremendous effect on the health and lives of our community. A family l’m proud to be a part of.

Barak Haimovich headshot
VP of Finance

Barak Haimovich

Working with great people and being part of a team that provides such a valuable product is an awesome combination.


Aidoc is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team that’s building cutting-edge artificial intelligence to reshape the future of healthcare. Named one of TIME magazine’s “50 Genius companies”, an innovative and exciting work environment, talented teams and a great work culture are just a few of the reasons why you’ll love working here.

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