Aidoc Incidental Pulmonary Embolism (iPE)

Prioritizing critical iPE cases to expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care 

Always-on AI

Aidoc’s iPE solution flags acute anomalies in real-time, speeding the identification, triage and treatment of incidental pulmonary embolism.

Proficient with any part of the lungs 

Runs automatically on contrast enhanced CT protocols

Reduces misdiagnoses of iPE in abdomen studies

How it works

Aidoc iPE empowers radiologists to make highly accurate decisions and improve efficiencies.

Implementation can be customized based on specific facility treatment paths

Notifications of suspected findings in native workflow under 5 minutes

Integrated with radiology PACs/RIS to enhance workflow efficiency

We have been using the first version of this solution for the last six months and have seen the real impact this has had on addressing patients that require treatment beyond anticoagulation.

Dr. Irena Tocino

Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Informatics
Yale School of Medicine (YSM)

Use Case


Male, 36Y, restaging


Routine restaging following chemotherapy.


Incidental segmental pulmonary embolus in RML.


Detected an easily overlooked but clinically important finding on routine outpatient oncologic imaging.

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The value of iPE at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

The only FDA-cleared solution for incidental PE

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