Endovascular patient management customized and simplified with AI

Learn more about the future of endovascular care with AI-triggered workflows at ISET 2022!

Discover how Aidoc is offering a seamless experience to endovascular specialists across the U.S. to expedite treatment and stay up-to-date with their team members on patient care consultation.


AI-triggered alerts to relevant patient management team members based on the automatic notification of PE, RV/LV ratio (by Imbio), Aortic Dissection, Aortic Aneurysm and DVT.


Communication and integration of images and clinical information into the clinical workflow, with chat to mobile phone, desktop and tablet.

Seamless Transfer Management

Early access to relevant imaging for convenient transfer consults between hub and spokes.

Notifications across the entire clinical workflow

Aidoc’s care coordination solutions offer the most comprehensive integrations into the clinical workflow, with notifications made easily available on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Devices for coordination

Streamlined communication
in the palm of your hand

AI-based activation to synchronize care coordination teams

Use the arrows to see it in action

From the clinician's perspective

About this Webinar

Hear from Dr. Akhil Khosla, Assistant Clinical Professor and Medical Director at Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT), speak about building the hospital’s approach to PERT and integrating AI into the endovascular workflow.

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