SIIM 2021 Annual Meeting Tech Chat

The Lifecycle of AI: From Barriers to Entry to Radiology's Empowerment

In case you missed it!

Radiology Informaticists are uniquely positioned to drive AI implementation, deployment, and adoption in their clinical practice. In this discussion, Nina Kottler, MD, MS, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Clinical AI at Radiology Partners and Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc, discuss the lifecycle of AI, from initial investigation through proof of value and into the future of elevating radiology’s influence across the care continuum.

Key takeaways:

1. Radiology informaticists are uniquely positioned to drive AI in their clinical practice
2. Why workflow integration is crucial for showing meaningful results with AI
3. What it takes for AI to work for your institution

This session was recorded live at the virtual SIIM 2021 Annual Meeting.

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Nina Kottler, MD, MS

Associate CMO
Radiology Partners

Elad Walach


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Aidoc’s cutting-edge AI orchestrator is uniquely developed to deliver the right technology to the right physician, offering diverse integration capabilities and the infrastructure to deploy AI at scale.

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AI Resources:

Listen to an implementation anecdote from the Chair of Radiology at the UWisconsin starting at minute 7:42.