What Health Systems can Learn from Taking a Corporate Approach to Adopting AI


Daniel J. Durand, M.D

Chief Innovation Officer
Chair of Radiology
LifeBridge Health

Elad Walach

CEO I Aidoc

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About this Webinar

Clinically useful artificial intelligence solutions have arrived are being implemented across healthcare institutions and systems worldwide with great speed. Now is the time to start talking about how this actually happens, what defines a successful AI adoption and the best practices that can be learned from institutions that are already leading the way.

Much like adopting innovative technology across an enterprise, health systems should embrace similar corporate approaches when introducing AI innovation. Leading Health Systems like LifeBridge Health have already seen a positive clinical impact from introducing AI to its radiology department. Just as image recognition is becoming apparent in every other aspect of the daily lives of consumers, LifeBridge is bringing this power to bear on behalf of patients.

Watch this session to learn:
• How LifeBridge Health is delivering patient-centered care with AI – Adoption Use Case
• Evaluating AI: KPIs and benchmark-setting for measuring success
• Best practices in creating an AI strategy

Ask the Experts is a quarterly webcast series introducing new trends and real use cases in the world of AI and Radiology.

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