Senior DevOps Engineer

Why you should join our team

Aidoc is the market leader in the field of AI for medical imaging.
Our products help doctors detect life-threatening medical conditions in medical images, based on cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms.

As part of our team, you’ll have the chance to experience real mission-critical, medical architecture and take part in the ongoing efforts to enhance our scale, resilience and time to market.

Our culture is fast-paced, empowering, and collaborative. We work together as a team, and enable each team member to have a significant impact on our product.

Each team member has a high-level of independence and makes important decisions that influence our customers.

About this role

You will work in collaboration with the Dev, Data Engineering and AI teams to empower them with the right infrastructure to achieve the company’s goals.

  • You will receive end-to-end ownership for core parts of our operation:
    • CI/CD pipelines of the company’s products and infrastructure
    • The company’s entire cloud production infrastructure, including advanced cloud infra on AWS, with data pipelines, serverless deployments and container orchestration
    • Application and infrastructure monitoring solutions
    • Automations for big-data pipelines and processes
  • You will be trusted with autonomy, freedom and influence to design solutions and make technical decisions, in a critical position for the company’s growth.
  • You will work in a unique professional culture championing close work between Dev and DevOps and ownership. We’re literally tackling the challenges of bringing cutting edge cloud-based services to the healthcare world

We are looking for

  • Passion for elegant and effective technological solutions
  • Accountability and ownership – doing whatever it takes for the company to succeed
  • Independent learning capability and curiosity without boundaries
  • At least 5 years of experience
  • Experience in designing and building cloud-based solutions
  • Working on systems with complex release or business flows
  • Solid programming and scripting skills
  • Advantage for:
    • Experience with Terraform
    • Strong knowledge of docker framework
    • Container orchestration solutions (e.g. Kubernetes)
    • Infrastructure for high scale training and inference with DL models
    • Experience and passion for developing CI/CD and release flow pipelines, allowing the organization to move fast and reliably
    • Excellent knowledge of either Linux or Windows
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