Senior Data Analyst

Why you should join our team

Our Medical Data Research Group is the data analytics core in our AI algorithms development process: from facilitating data-driven product decisions, through in-depth analysis of the Medical Data protocols for developing the datasets, to evaluating the algorithms’ performance to stretch them to the top. 

In this position, you will join a brand new team of sharp data professionals, who will be responsible for developing tools and methods that scale our data analysis capabilities in the Medical Data Research group. You will build tools to increase processes’ efficiency, automate tasks and explore new methodologies to analyze our data at scale. In this role, you will explore data-centric AI methodologies to optimize the dataset development process. 

This role is a great opportunity for those who are passionate about data, out-of-the-box thinking, and want to deep dive into the world of life-saving AI technology. This position requires great analytical, research and coding abilities, as well as excellent interpersonal skills.


About this role

  • Develop analysis tools for improving optimizing the data mining, research, and algorithm evaluation processes.
    • Develop scripts to automate data analysis workflows.
    • Build data analysis tools (notebooks, dashboards, among others) for getting the best insights from our data.
    • Work closely with our Data Engineering group for designing our data infrastructure and integrating their solutions into the group’s workflows. 
  • Be a key stakeholder in the data analysis methodologies and coding standards definitions for the various processes in the group: data-driven product research, dataset development, algorithm performance assessment, among others.
  • You will apply in-depth statistical practices as part of your data research.
  • You will master the group’s data sources – both at the technical (database structures, queries optimization) and data layers (Medical Imaging protocols -DICOM-, textual reports, clinical data, production data) and work on how to exploit it at scale.
  • You will have full accountability for managing complex projects and collaborating with various stakeholders (Algorithm Engineers, Data Scientists & Analysts, Domain Experts, Software Engineers, Product Managers).
  • Open bottlenecks and break barriers by challenging the current way of thinking.
  • Be trusted with autonomy, freedom, and influence to design solutions and make technical decisions, in a critical position for the company’s growth.



We are looking for

  • B.Sc or B.A degree in Exact/Life Science or Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • M.Sc/Ph.D – strong advantage.
  • Proven experience in data analysis/science (5+ years):
    • Hands-on experience with Python and SQL – must-have.
    • Ability to summarize and visualize complex data and insights.
  • Hands-on experience in developing data analysis tools and methodologies in R&D/production environment.
  • Strong interest and passion for the medical field – advantage.
  • Problem-solving approach – a team player with the ability to work with stakeholders, translating their needs into requirements, and implementing the right solution.
  • Experience in project management and/or proven leadership skills – advantage.
  • A fast and independent learner, always curious and willing to dive into new subjects.
  • Previous analysis experience in AI or in the Medical field is a plus.



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