Senior AI Software Engineer

About this role

  • You will work as part of one of the strongest teams in Israel. The A.I. team is coming from elite companies and technology units
  • Our people are by far our most important asset. We see it as the most important aspect of our job to make sure our team members feel we truly care for them as humans, feel highly appreciated for their accomplishments and efforts and constantly develop their careers
  • You will receive end-to-end ownership for the engineering of the core components in Aidoc’s A.I. ecosystem:
    • Production-grade infrastructure for the research and development of cutting edge A.I. algorithms
    • Unique production infrastructure for the prediction of dozens of A.I. algorithms and serving the A.I. results to dozens of other services, interfacing with thousands of hospitals
  • It is a critical role for the company’s growth and velocity
  • You will work in a unique professional culture applying the full range of software engineering capabilities in the core parts of the A.I. systems and ownership. We are literally writing the methodology for engineering and design in the world of A.I., and paving the way for the industry

We are looking for

  • Owning tasks and doing whatever it takes for the company to succeed
  • High standards, thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Independent learning capability and curiosity without boundaries. The role requires exploring and adopting new technological advances in all relevant domains, such as –
    • Scalable cloud based systems
    • Deep learning and computer vision software frameworks
    • Large scale machine learning systems
  • Passion for software engineering, with at least four years of experience
  • Advantage for people with experience in the following domains:
    • Large scale production systems
    • Algorithmic R&D infrastructure
    • Service-based architecture
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