Production Engineer

About this role

  • You will receive end-to-end ownership for core parts of our operation:
    • Monitoring of critical services we provide to hundreds of hospitals
    • Investigating and resolving incidents
    • Developing the tools and infrastructure to improve our support processes
  • You will work in collaboration with the Product, Dev and Customer Success teams
  • You will be trusted with autonomy, freedom and influence to design solutions and make technical decisions, to improve your work and build tools for the support team.
  • You will work in a unique professional culture championing close work between Dev, Product and Customer Success, and ownership.

We are looking for

  • Highly technical people
  • Proven experience working with production systems
  • Accountability and ownership – doing whatever it takes for the company to succeed
  • Independent learning capability and curiosity without boundaries
  • Programming experience in any language
  • Experience in SQL
  • A love for working with people on a strong team
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