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Junior IT and Security Manager

  • You will have end-to-end ownership on:
    • Hands-on administration of company’s IT products (hardware, storage, network, cloud environment, Windows and Linux servers, etc.)
    • Maintaining the company’s security policies and practices. Providing the tools for the organization to maintain them.
    • Owning the technical infrastructure that business processes are built upon
  • You will be exposed to all IT domains and will learn and grow in all of them, working in a team of professionals who strive to learn and improve constantly.
  • You will work directly under the VP R&D of the company, maintaining critical tools that provide service to all branches and departments of the company.

Passion for elegant and effective technological solutions

  • Accountability and ownership on your domain
  • Independent learning capability and curiosity without boundaries. Continuous improvement
  • Cooperation and teamwork with the organization and the business
  • At least one previous position as an IT administrator/sysadmin.
  • Technical experience with setup, management and security of any of the following:
    • Network equipment (switches, routers, WIFI, VPN etc.)
    • Security products (antivirus, firewall, etc.)
    • Linux and Windows servers including Active Directory
    • Amazon AWS
  • Some coding/scripting experience

An advantage to candidates with:

  • Experience in a larger number of tools and IT/DevOps technologies
  • Really, almost anything goes, as long as you have deep knowledge in what you know, and are prepared to learn more.
  • Good knowledge of processes around IT work and not just technical understanding

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