Devops Engineer

About this role

  • You will work in collaboration with the Dev and AI teams to empower them with the right infrastructure to achieve the company’s goals.
  • You will build and maintain:
    • CI/CD pipelines of the company’s products and infrastructure
    • The company’s entire cloud production infrastructure
      • Including advanced cloud infra on AWS, with data pipelines, serverless and container orchestration
    • Application and infrastructure monitoring solutions
    • Automation for big-data pipelines and processes
  • You will be trusted with autonomy, freedom and influence to design solutions and make technical decisions, in a critical position for the company’s growth.
  • You will work in a unique professional culture championing close work between Dev and DevOps and ownership. We’re literally tackling the challenges of bringing cutting edge cloud-based services to the healthcare world.

We are looking for

  • Passion for elegant and effective technological solutions
  • Accountability and ownership –  doing whatever it takes for the company to succeed
  • Independent learning capability and curiosity without boundaries
  • Experience in working with the cloud (any cloud, preferably AWS)
  • Good programming and scripting skills
  • Advantage for experience with:
    • Container orchestration solutions (ECS, K8s)
    • Medical applications
    • infrastructure for training and inference with DL models
    • Excellent knowledge of either Linux or Windows, and enough knowledge to work in the other.
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