Deployment Manager

About this role

  • You will report directly to the CTO and will be responsible for one of the key pillars of the company.
  • You’re going to design a unique technological solution for a big pain point – radiology workflow integration.
  • You’ll be working directly with customers, on implementing our solutions across hundreds of hospitals, learning from that experience to lead the company’s next-generation product deployment operations.
  • This is a very dynamic position, which will require agility, out of the box thinking and your ‘Israeli’ creativeness as a product and operations manager.

We are looking for

  • Deep tech background – as an R&D engineer or a highly technical PM.
  • Project management – lead a project end-to-end with high accountability in a very dynamic environment.
  • People person – you’ll be working with customers. A lot. You have to engage in a complex human environment, handle the chaos of startup while adding order to the system and maintaining a professional outlook.

Advantage to candidates with experience in:

  • Software development.
  • Highly technical product management positions.
  • Integration / operations management.
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