A First in the World of Radiology – Aidoc Receives FDA Clearance for Always-on AI

This week, we received the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for our product’s expanding suite of AI-based workflow optimization solutions. We became the first company to be federally cleared to empower radiologists to triage patients with AI.

This is a breakthrough achievement because it symbolizes the beginning of a new era in AI for radiologists. I refer to this as “always-on AI”. Contrary to the prevailing “on-demand AI”  – where a doctor has to request the intervention of the AI solution – “Always-on AI” works in the background to keep radiologist focused on their diagnosis. Radiologists can rest assured that when an abnormality is detected, we will notify them, directly in their worklist. To quote a Chairman of radiology at one of our leading sites “you gave me the peace of mind that there were no patients with a brain bleed waiting for their scans to be read”.

It is our goal to support radiologists with AI tools that give actual value in their day-to-day, and we are so happy to be able to finally release a product that can really impact human lives. Getting this far is a team effort and we couldn’t have done this without our talented team and partnering doctors, who have helped us succeed at a lightning fast pace. There wasn’t a single person in the company who did not have a direct impact on this process and that’s remarkable. From my experience, you can only succeed with brilliant, dedicated people who truly believe in an idea and find creative solutions for solving extraordinary challenges – Thank you all for your efforts!

For more information about our milestone accomplishment, check out our Newswire article.



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