The 4 Interview Answers that Will Help you Land your Next Job

As a candidate after an interview, you may find yourself often contemplating: how could I have done better? What was the interviewer looking for? Obviously, there is no ‘one right answer’. However, I can share with you what we are looking for when we interview candidates at Aidoc.  The most important thing for us is […]

Fostering A Learning Mentality For Startup Success, Part One

continuous learning

The individual’s learning process is a core part of what contributes to the success of a startup. People often ask me what made me think I could be a good CEO. In the early days as a founder with a mostly technical background, I was always at a disadvantage in terms of business skills. My answer […]

My professional secret weapon , exposed

If you ever have the dubious pleasure of riding shotgun in my car, upon starting the car, you probably had the opportunity to hear a buzzing sound, not unlike that of a bee flying around. Upon closer listening, you may start to pick out words here and there until you finally realize you’re actually listening […]