AI and its impact on Physician Burnout in Healthcare

There is a dire need to invest in solutions that play a role in preventing physician burnout Read any medical publication as of late, and you’ll most likely find ‘physician burnout’ as one of the most common topics discussed under the umbrella of healthcare’s most pressing challenges. In fact, a report entitled ‘A crisis in health […]

Diagnostic Errors in Radiology

radiology error types

There are significant bodies of research dedicated to the conversations around radiology error types. These diagnostic errors are the most common cause of malpractice suits against radiologists (75%) and the average error rate is between 3-5% per year. That’s a global average of 40 million diagnostic errors annually. Multiple factors influence these statistics, ranging from […]

The Key to Saving More Lives? A Quicker Diagnosis and Treatment


The explosion of innovations in the healthcare field is set to transform medicine in the coming years – from advanced sensors and analytical tools to cancer nanotherapy and genome editing and beyond. Though groundbreaking developments seem to be making most of the headlines, there’s one area in healthcare in which even incremental improvements can significantly […]