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Idan Bassuk

Idan is the Head of A.I. at Aidoc.

More than anything else, Idan is excited to arrive at Aidoc every day have the privilege to work with a team of national-level superstars, who are the driving force behind the company’s ability to solve an unthinkable amount of challenges in the cutting-edge of A.I. and software engineering.

Since joining Aidoc as an algorithm developer and software engineer at 2016, Idan played a key role in some of the most significant algorithmic breakthroughs. He also played a key role in the architecture and development of many core parts in Aidoc’s unique software infrastructure for deep learning research and data annotation at scale. This infrastructure is the engine that enables Aidoc to cover a completely new body part every 2 months.

Idan graduated from IDF’s elite “Talpiot” program with highest honors.
Following his studies,  Idan led several high-risk R&D projects from the stage of a “science-fiction” idea, and into successful strategic products. Two of these products won the “Israel Defense Award” – the highest award for defense projects.

He is a former special forces team leader and graduated from the combat officers academy with highest honors.