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Top-down and Bottom-Up Visual Attention
July 18, 2018
Visual attention mechanisms are known to be important components of modern computer vision systems and are an inherent part of state-of-the-art achievements in almost all…
Elegant Automated Testing Solutions for Managing The Tsunami of Deep Learning Systems
July 11, 2018
Neural networks are now practically doing most of the coding instead of us (and better than us) in many fields, but we don’t have a…
New Evidence Points to a Potentially Superior Deep Learning Project Management Strategy
July 4, 2018
A relatively recent paper by Baidu (Dec 2017) that was covered in The Morning Paper has empirically demonstrated something fascinating that could have major implications on the management of…
5 Ways AI Can Assist Radiologists
June 26, 2018
Experts are claiming that AI will revolutionize major sectors of the world economy in the coming decades – from replacing human workers in carrying out…
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