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The Essential Guide for Selecting the Right AI Radiology Partner
August 28, 2019
Finding a suitable artificial intelligence (AI) radiology partner requires foresight, consideration and a comprehensive checklist. There are factors that have to be addressed and considered…
A Clinical Use-Case: The Clinical Impact of AI for Triaging C-Spine Fractures
August 21, 2019
Last month, we received our third FDA clearance within just 9 months for our AI solution for triaging cervical spine fractures. While I’m personally very proud of…
The 4 Interview Answers that Will Help you Land your Next Job
August 21, 2019
As a candidate after an interview, you may find yourself often contemplating: how could I have done better? What was the interviewer looking for? Obviously,…
Medical Imaging AI Glossary
August 21, 2019
Understanding what determines accuracy can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be! To help you understand the most common terms used in artificial intelligence,…
AI and its impact on Physician Burnout in Healthcare
August 21, 2019
There is a dire need to invest in solutions that play a role in preventing physician burnout Read any medical publication as of late, and…
Residents of the Future: How AI is Changing Medical Training
August 19, 2019
Residents of the Future – A series highlighting residents who use artificial intelligence in practice Artificial intelligence is quickly entering the medical field. In the…
Fostering A Learning Mentality For Startup Success, Part One
June 28, 2019
The individual’s learning process is a core part of what contributes to the success of a startup. People often ask me what made me think I…
Diagnostic Errors in Radiology
June 13, 2019
There are significant bodies of research dedicated to the conversations around radiology error types. These diagnostic errors are the most common cause of malpractice suits…
PACS RIS and AI: a fully integrated radiology workflow
May 30, 2019
To err is human, to AI is to define Radiology is becoming an increasingly critical aspect of medicine. There are more studies, more images, and…
Radiologists share first hand experience on Artificial Intelligence in practice
May 21, 2019
Aidoc now holds the most FDA clearances for acute pathologies Last week we received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for an additional product in…
How Dr. George Papanicolaou inspires google doodle and medical innovation today
May 14, 2019
Yesterday Google honored the memory of Dr. George Papanicolaou (his 136th birthday) with a venerable Google-Doodle.  Papanicolaou was a pioneer in cancer cytology and the developer…
We raised 27 million to continue our mission in making AI standard of care in radiology
April 17, 2019
On behalf of the entire Aidoc team, I am happy to announce that we have raised an additional 27 million dollars in a series B…
The Key to Saving More Lives? A Quicker Diagnosis and Treatment
March 18, 2019
The explosion of innovations in the healthcare field is set to transform medicine in the coming years – from advanced sensors and analytical tools to…
Algorithms and AI: deep learning medical imaging
March 4, 2019
Artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning are the terms redefining medical proficiency and patient care in the healthcare industry Deep neural networks consist of…
Announcing our CE Mark for the First AI-based Workflow Tool for Pulmonary Embolism
February 28, 2019
Our AI solution for flagging and prioritizing pulmonary embolisms is now commercially available in Europe. Today we announced the commercial release of our CE-marked product for the identification…
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