Integrating AI into the Radiology Workflow at Global Diagnostics

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Tom Valent

VP Business Development I AIDOC

Nazar Bokani, MD

Clinical Director of Global Diagnostics


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Integrating AI into the radiology practice is now a reality – and is showing value for radiology and teleradiology service providers. This 30-minute webinar will explain how Global Diagnostics has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its radiology workflow to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Global Diagnostics has partnered with the leading AI provider for radiologists, Aidoc, to incorporate their algorithms into GDA's care management pathway. These AI applications expedite patient care and treatment for several head, neck and chest conditions.

Join this session to:
• Learn how AI is showing improved patient outcomes at GDA
• See several examples of how AI is working in radiology for remote/rural healthcare
• Understand how “Always-on” AI works in a clinical setting