Headshot of John Danahy

John Danahy

Chief Revenue Officer

John Danahy is the Chief Revenue Officer at Aidoc where he leads the GTM strategies for direct & partner sales as well as revenue operations. He has been a part of the evolution of healthcare technology since the mid 90s and at the forefront of several watershed transformations including the advent of PACS from teleradiology and film, the rapid adoption of Electronic Medical Records from the dark ages of paper file jackets, as well as the conversion to healthcare consumerism through patient engagement from the days when a birthday email from a provider was hard to achieve and a miracle to receive. Now, as a leader within the talented ranks of Aidoc and a passionate advocate for his customers, John is once again supporting a tectonic shift within healthcare as Artificial Intelligence technology enhances our standards of care for the most complex clinical use cases, supporting the abilities & talents of our communities’ best doctors & their care teams.